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1.  The mobile device agreement needs to be signed by parents for each student who takes a school computer or other device home to use.

  -- CCSD Mobile Device Agreement 2021 en ingles y español


2.  Parents and students need to know and following the directions in the "Mobile Device Guidelines and Expectations" document from CCSD.

  -- Mobile Device Guidelines and Expectations 2021-22 en ingles y español


3.  Possible costs if CCSD equipment has to be repaired or replaced. 

-- Mobile Device Costs 2021-22 en ingles y español


4.  Get started using your Chromebook, log in and setup WiFi.

  -- Getting Started with your Chrombook en ingles y español


1.  General tips on learning online from home

-- CCSD Online Learning Tips (English only)


2.  Information on getting CCSD subsidized home internet service

-- Connecting KIDS NV (


3.  Canvas help, aimed at students

-- Canvas Getting Started, for Students (English only)


4.  Canvas is a "Learning Management System" used by CCSD and this school.  With this program, teachers can make classroom assignments and communicate with students and families. This document can help parents get started using Canvas.

-- Canvas Getting Started, for Parents (English only)


5.  Student Safety when traveling with CCSD computer equipment

-- Safety and your Mobile Device (English and Spanish)



1.  Information Release and Network Access Form.  This form has 3 purposes; first, it allows a parent to opt out of releasing basic student information, it also lets parents agree to releasing extra (beyond basic) student information, and finally part 3 gives the student permission to use school computer equipment.


Please contact the school at 702-799-3420 for more information about these forms.


Annual Release and Network Access - English


Formulario de permiso anual y acceso a la red - español

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